What is it

An enzyme capable of converting both polysaccharide manana and mannoligosaccharides to mannose. Mananas are present in plant biomass and its complete hydrolysis has several industrial applications.

Differentials of the technology

The exo-mannanase enzyme is capable of efficiently hydrolyzing both mannanes and mannoligosaccharides to mannomer monomers, representing a metabolic simplification when compared to existing mannan de-polymerization processes, since a single enzyme can comprise two activities.

Potential applications

  • Biobleaching of paper and pulp together with xylanases
  • Additives for detergents
  • Animal feed supplementation
  • Coffee Processing
  • Sludge control agents
  • Production of therapeutic and prebiotic molecules

Business opportunities

  • Licensing
  • Spin-off/start-up creation
  • Co-development of technology/know-how transference