We are flexible and agile. We perceive partnerships with industry as an opportunity to build long-lasting relationships. We can operate within the fast pace constraints of startups and meet the multiple decision levels and compliance demands of large corporations.

We understand different needs. We conduct R&D projects from technology readiness levels (TRL) from 1 to 7, that is, from early stage technology development to scaling-up of technologies to relevant operational semi-industrial levels. We have successfully assisted partners in crossing the technology “valley of death”, validated processes at semi-industrial scales and licensed technologies.

Our R&D partnership aims to accelerate your transition to clean technologies. Despite of the continuous increase in the production of biorenewables, economic returns may not be as high as environmental benefits. For that, we developed tools that can support decision-making, so that our partners can accelerate their transition to sustainable products and embrace the circular economy.

LNBR Strengths

Capacity building is at the center of our partnerships. Here are our strengths:

  • Rational development of high-performance biological platforms (microorganisms and enzymes), we prefer to avoid trial and error approaches
  • Computational biocatalysis and synchrotron crystallography to assist development of biological platforms
  • Experience with different types of biomass. We are also one of the leading R&D institutions that seek industrial applications from sugarcane and its residues
  • Design and scaling of processes and technologies up to semi-industrial level
  • Techno-economic and environmental assessment of technologies and Life Cycle Analysis of products
  • Monitoring of ecosystem services at regional and country-wide scale to support strategies for sustainable use of biomass
  • Proven track record in designing and managing large-scale R&D projects, with many interfaces and multiple stakeholders.

Intellectual Property

We are flexible and adaptable. As a private non-profit institution, we can discuss different models that consider pre-existing intellectual property and create opportunities for licensing agreements. After initial discussions, we prefer to quickly enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect confidentiality of both parts.

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We have matching funds. CNPEM Is an accredited institution with Embrapii Biotechnology Unit and we have access to Embrapii matching funds for innovation projects. However, we are not limited to Embrapii funding opportunities.