We discovered a new group of enzymes, and they rock

Inspired by the molecular biodiversity of microorganisms this work has deepened the knowledge about new enzymatic strategies for the polysaccharides β-1,3-glucans processing


A new enzyme to boost cellulosic ethanol

Decarbonization is critical. Synthetic biology was used to develop a microbial platform for cellulase production to reduce production costs of cellulosic ethanol

CropLife Brasil

NOV-2020 Biomassa: fonte de energia limpa e renovável

Agência FAPESP

SEP-2020 Falling Walls Lab Brazil 2020 seleciona ideias brasileiras para competição internacional

Agência Fapesp

AGO-2020 Enzyme cocktail developed in Brazil powers production of second-generation ethanol

Folha de S. Paulo

JUL-2020 Tecnologia brasileira produz etanol a partir do bagaço da cana

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