LNBR’s policy for external users

At LNBR, the following facilities remain open for remote experiments, by sending samples: DNA Sequencing (NGS) and Macromolecules (MAC). Bioprocess (BPC), Metabolomics (MET), and Pilot Plant (PPDP) facilities will be open to external users again in the first half of 2022.


Submission period 2021

Performance/usage period 2021

Macromolecules (MAC) 11/Jan to 26/Nov 18/Jan to 10/Dec
DNA Sequencing (NGS) 20/Jan to 3/Dec 01/Feb to 10/Dec

LNBR benefits society in a direct way, by leveraging investment made in its research facilities. Access to LNBR advanced instrumentation can enhance scientific and technological developments carried out by external users from academia and industry. Each facility has its own schedule for project submission and execution.

Pilot Plant

End-to-end process design, integration and evaluation with automated control and pretreatment capabilities for different types of biomass.

DNA Sequencing

State-of-art instrumentation for quantitative analysis of genomes and transcriptomes of a variety of biological systems.


Mass spectrometry-based analysis of various classes of small molecules and metabolites for different biological systems.


Wide range of instrumentation for biophysical and biochemical characterization of proteins, DNA, carbohydrates, and their interactions.


Automated bioreactors of a wide range of scales for yeasts, fungi and bacteria. It is certified to operate with genetically modified organisms.