The Metabolomics Facility allows the identification and quantification of metabolites in complex biological samples by mass spectrometry coupled with liquid and gas chromatography. The metabolomics represents the chemical composition of a cell and allows an overview of cell functions, since it directly reflects its physiological state, allowing the characterization and differentiation of organisms. The facility serves users who work with bioenergy and green chemistry.

Main skills and experimental techniques:

  • Identification and quantification analysis of primary metabolites and compounds of low molecular mass and low polarity;
  • Identification, structural determination and quantification of secondary metabolite molecules, carbohydrates, lipids, among others.

The facility is composed of two mass spectrometers coupled to liquid and gas chromatography. The GC/MS has a time-of-flight mass analyzer (TOF), Pegasus HT, LECO Corporation, and is intended for primary metabolite analysis. The LC/MS is composed of a Thermo Scientific LTQ-XL linear ion-trap analyzer used for identification, structural determination, and quantification of medium/low molecular mass molecules (secondary metabolites, carbohydrates, lipids, among others).

Start of operation: in 2013 and 2015 for external users.