What is it

An enzyme that facilitates the access of other enzymes to xylose polymers and other pectin fractions, making the process of saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass more efficient. This enzyme is an arabinofuranosidase, which helps in the deconstruction of plant cell wall polysaccharides known as arabinoxylana and arabinana (a component of pectin).

Differentials of the technology

The unique design proposed by CNPEM for the enzyme’s active site allows it to recognize and remove both single and double decorations, regardless of whether they are at the end of the polymer or in the middle of the chain, simplifying the process of deconstructing arabinoxylan-rich biomass, such as sugarcane bagasse, cotton fibers, and grasses. This design allows the removal of all possible types of arabinoxylan decoration.

Potential applications

Composition of enzyme cocktails for the saccharification of arabinoxylan-rich biomass, such as sugarcane bagasse. Compared to a base composition composed mainly of cellulases, the know-how of CNPEM allows defining the appropriate amount of supplementation capable of increasing the total activity of the cocktail by more than 10%.

Business opportunities

  • Licensing
  • Spin-off/start-up creation
  • Co-development of technology/know-how transference