The transition towards a bio-based economy requires assurance that biorenewables will minimize impacts on the environment, optimize the use of natural resources and promote socioeconomic benefits. In order to guide technology developments and to support decision-making processes at various levels, it is crucial to use of advanced modeling and simulation techniques to anticipate the impacts of biorenewables production.

Research Areas

Technology Assessment

In order to compete with fossil sources, clean technologies must be accompanied by technical-economic and environmental assessments in order to anticipate adversities in the development process and validate their potential. The Virtual Biorefinery platform developed at LNBR promotes the sustainability of the production of biorenewables through tailor-made evaluations.

Ecosystem Assessment

Strategies for sustainable use of biomass involve monitoring ecosystem services on a regional and national scale such as climate change mitigation. They can also promote the reduction of common deservices such as greenhouse gas emissions. LNBR develops a platform for quantification and evaluation of ecosystem services and deservices to ensure the sustainable production of biorenewables.