Virtual Biorefinery platform to promote sustainability of biorenewables production

The development of novel bio-based technologies is key to achieve a sustainable future. Considering that biorenewables can be produced using a wide variety of feedstocks with multiple combinations of industrial conversion pathways, it is important to fully understand their impacts before scaling-up new technologies in biorefineries. The need to anticipate adverse consequences before actual implementation at large scale is fundamental to promote economic competitiveness, improve environmental and socioeconomic benefits in the short and long run.

LNBR employs a Virtual Biorefinery platform to assess technologies involved in biorenewables production. It combines mathematical models and simulation tools for tailor-made assessments, which consider the entire production chain and integrate an agricultural production model to a specific industrial configuration. It relies on the concept of Process Design to assess a new technology, whose indicators are given by technoeconomic analysis (TEA) and life-cycle assessment (LCA). It also supports continuous cycles of technological development and improves decision-making processes at the biorefinery scale.