Sustainable biofuels are important for decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation, shipping and heavy-duty road transportation. BioValue and BECOOL are two sister projects under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 initiative that addresses these issues through research and development from laboratory to semi-industrial scales. The goal of the BioValue/BECOOL partnership is to explore synergies between Brazil and the European Union for biomass production, diversification of production chains and logistics for the development and sustainable deployment of advanced biofuels, with a focus on aviation biofuels, using standalone and integrated thermochemical and biochemical routes. LNBR coordinates the BioValue initiative, which is funded by Brazilian State Funding Agencies and Companies, involving a partnership of twenty Brazilian Scientific and Technological Institutions, Universities, Research Foundations and Companies.



Strategies for reusing abundant resources based on sugarcane residues, on energy sugarcane and on forest residues



Sustainability research and assessments on the production of advanced biofuels, with emphasis on aviation fuel


Technological routes

Integrated analysis of thermochemical and biochemical routes to improve economic, environmental and social results of production chains



Free access to official documents, papers, institutional publications and other documents related to the BioValue Project



Pilot Plants and laboratories, as well as the Virtual Sugarcane Biorefinery, a powerful simulation platform



Project tools for biomass characterization, intermediate flow characterization, product specifications and spreadsheets

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