Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CNPEM has been revising its agenda of scientific events, courses, and workshops.

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This meeting was conceived to favor networking and discussions, with a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for students, postdoctoral associates and young researchers

The enzymes make part of a multitude of everyday products and production processes, and the recent advances in the enzymology field as well as in the development of microbial platforms open a new and bright horizon for a further and unprecedented leveraging of biotechnology. In this conference, the most recent findings about enzyme discovery and design, governing mechanisms of enzymes´ action, metabolic engineering and microbial platform development will be discussed.

CNPEM Thrusts #4: Training, Education and Extension

It includes the organization of training courses and other educational activities aimed at the formation of qualified personnel in areas and themes of unique competence of the Laboratories.