Technological challenges

With the end of sugarcane burning, besides becoming a necessity, straw collection has become an opportunity for energy generation and, consequently, an increase in the cash flow of sugarcane companies. The lack of organized and trustworthy information of processes and technologies used for this purpose adds complexity in the search for solutions inherent to straw processing by the sugarcane industry. LNBR, within SUCRE, has been working alongside with sugarcane partner mills since 2015, aiming to contribute to the solution of these bottlenecks, to promote the commercial use of technologies for collection, transport and processing of straw, for generation of bioelectricity, with greater efficiency and effectiveness. To this end, we evaluated the main straw collection and processing routes used in Brazil, considering different technologies. The results of these studies will bring suggestions for conditioning of straw, so that burning in industrial boilers with bagasse, will occur with minimal damage and improved energy utilization.

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