Legal & regulatory framework

One of the obstacles that has hampered production of energy from straw and sugarcane bagasse is the current legislation of the Brazilian electricity sector. The SUCRE Project elaborated a detailed study of laws that govern the electricity sector, identifying bottlenecks and suggesting improvements that facilitate the commercialization of energy by sugarcane mills. The goal is to provide inputs for a legal and regulatory framework that encourages sustainable use of sugarcane straw for electricity production and sale to the National Interconnected System.

Study about the Brazilian electrical regulatory framework
Download the study about the Brazilian electric regulatory framework for sale of energy generated from sugarcane straw

Bioelectricity booklet
Click here and access the Bioelectricity Booklet, an informative material about the regulatory model of the Brazilian electrical model for sale of energy generated from sugarcane biomass, with enphasis on the use of sugarcane straw