Physicochemical Processes

The facility is dedicated to the development, improvement, and application of physical-chemical processes to obtain biofuels, intermediates, and renewable chemical blocks from the main biomass fractions. The high-pressure reactors and milling systems support research and development in the area of biomass transformation.

Main skills and types of equipment:

  • Multipurpose types of equipment for chemical catalysis and pretreatment reactions with high temperature and pressure. The facility reactors show different scales (0.25 – 7.5 L) and metallic alloys (316 stainless steel and Hastelloy). The exclusive confection of reactors allows operation in a wide range of pressure/temperature, solvents, and pH;
  • Complete infrastructure in fractioning and milling systems capable of reaching different granulometric ranges (0.08 mm to 6mm).

Start of operation: in 2010 and 2013 for external users. 2013 (milling systems only) and 2015 for other systems